Private Onsen

Responsive image Spring Quality: Sodium Hydrocarbonate Hot Springs
Open hour:08:00~22:30
(last reservation 20:30)

The pure water come from Spa ore veins.

Though these ten bathhouses are designed to be semi-outdoor with a capacity of holding 3 to 5 bathers, they are all independent and private, ideal for a hearty talk and an intimate time with friends and family members. 

They are named respectively after the ten major attractions
of Sun Moon Lake so that the travelers to Sun Moon Lake
will have a deeper understanding of the local culture and custom.

One Heart/Xin 1-
When picking the black tea leaves by hand, we take the most tender part,
which is one heart (the stalk),

Two Leaves/Ye 2-and two leaves.

Three Treasure/Bao 3rd-
The three treasures of Yuchi Township:mushroom, black tea, and orchid.

Four Mountain/Xiu 4th-
The four major mountains of Sun Moon Lake are Mt. Shueisheda,
Maolan Mountain, Cinglong Mountain, and Mt. Houjiian.

Five Temple/Yu 5th-
The five major temples are Wunwu Temple, Syuanguang Temple,
Syuentzang Temple, Longfeng Temple, and The Church of Christ.

Six Scene/Jing 6th-
The six famous scenes of old Sun Moon Lake are floating islands on the thousands of lakes, flashing fish fire,
wooden boats by the lake side, magnificent landscape and waters, loud and clear pestle sounds, and Shueishe morning fog.
(Nine curves at the lake mouth and lotus leaves of the
original eight scenes no longer exist, so there are six scene left at present.)

Seven Rainbow/Cai 7th-
The rainbow hangs over the lake at the direction of Mt. Shueisheda.
After the summer rain, the amateur photographers love to pursuit the beauty of the scene.

Eight Part Hamony/Yin 8th-
The famous Eight-Part Polyphony of the Bunun (Pasibutbut).

Nine Dragon/Long 9th-
In the ancient time, Sun Moon Lake was called “Nine Dragons Chasing a Pearl.”
The “pearl” means Lalu Island (originally named Guanghua Island).

Ten Scope/Fang 10th-
Welcome the guests coming from all over the world to Sun Moon Lake.

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